November 13, 2017

Colour Charts of My Watercolour Sets

After all those years that I’ve been "seriously" painting, I made my aquarelle colour chart. Аfter all, artists normally do so, don’t they? 😄 I have one "professional" box, "Nevskaya Palitra" of 12 colours (1st photo). And the other two are honey watercolour sets, "Luch" of 14 and 24 colours. As I compared them I saw the notorious difference in the quality of pigments.

I remember that happiness, so cool that was having 24 colours (I was very much fond of anime style back then)! And now I think: so cool it is to be able to mix paints so that you get all these and many other amazing colours😍

Sometimes it gets tough without special education. At some stage, you understand that there are more white gaps than painted areas, and what others jump from like from a springboard, is some impassable jungle to you. But I just move at my own pace. Is there anything I don’t know? So, sooner or later I will learn that😊

October 13, 2017

Creative Drawing Book "A Line is a Dot That Went for a Walk" by Jo Fernihough

An artist pondering over a new picture, an autodidact in a creative crisis, a tired clerk/housewife yearning for creativity, or a beginner who does not know where to start - this fascinating notebook is created for everyone. This is "A Line is a Dot That Went for a Walk" by Jo Fernihough.

Just let yourself go, don't think that now you need to create something extraordinary or "at least worthwhile". ;) Take pencils, pens, markers, whatever, and do interesting creative tasks as a whim takes you. In some tasks there are hints like:
  • "Scribbles turn into..."
  • "Finish elements so that..."
  • "Draw faces for these eyebrows"
and in some you are completely left on your own ("Create an ornamental pattern using..."). And you can relax, not giving yourself any estimates and not expecting them from others. :)

A big but light notebook with good white paper will:

  • literally endure everything;
  • give you some new ideas;
  • imperceptibly help you to understand yourself;
  • inspire you to further accomplishments.

October 09, 2017

Heaven in Hebrew is Shamaim

Sometimes my attention is caught by totally unexpected things. Like this word "heaven" in Hebrew, read as "shamaim", stress on the 2nd syllable. A bit like "shaman". :)
Don't ask me why Hebrew, I don't really know - I was just hooked by extraterrestrial symbols, full stop. :)

January 17, 2016

Puchaechum (부채춤) Mehendi

Fancy mehendi by my friend's sketch. My friend is a professional artist and is very much fond of Korean culture, particularly dancing. Her source of inspiration was traditional Korean fan dance puchaechum (부채춤). So mehendi is mostly made of half-mandalas resembling open fans, design of those fans is made by me.


January 16, 2016

Latest Mehendi

I've been training myself a lot on making mehendi. The first one is a total copy of Sonika Verma's design in Instagram where I tagged her and got a very nice positive feedback.)) Others are mine. I've been also trying white henna "Golecha", just for a change.



New Year Pinup Style Greeting Card

Tried pinup style for a friend who loves it.
New Year 2016.
Readymade card (watercolour paper), Belye Nochi watercolour, Erich Krause Megapolis mechanical pencil 0,5 mm (B).

December 07, 2015

Autumn Leaves, Watercolour

This painting was made on 13th of November and gifted to my mom on her birthday. This is the result of my first webinar on watercolour art (by artist Maryana Bryukhanova (Instagram: @maryana_bryukhanova)). I've got so much of positive emotions, felt more freedom in my hand and got to know some watercolour secrets. ^_^