January 17, 2016

Puchaechum (부채춤) Mehendi

Fancy mehendi by my friend's sketch. My friend is a professional artist and is very much fond of Korean culture, particularly dancing. Her source of inspiration was traditional Korean fan dance puchaechum (부채춤). So mehendi is mostly made of half-mandalas resembling open fans, design of those fans is made by me.


January 16, 2016

Latest Mehendi

I've been training myself a lot on making mehendi. The first one is a total copy of Sonika Verma's design in Instagram where I tagged her and got a very nice positive feedback.)) Others are mine. I've been also trying white henna "Golecha", just for a change.



New Year Pinup Style Greeting Card

Tried pinup style for a friend who loves it.
New Year 2016.
Readymade card (watercolour paper), Belye Nochi watercolour, Erich Krause Megapolis mechanical pencil 0,5 mm (B).

December 07, 2015

Autumn Leaves, Watercolour

This painting was made on 13th of November and gifted to my mom on her birthday. This is the result of my first webinar on watercolour art (by artist Maryana Bryukhanova (Instagram: @maryana_bryukhanova)). I've got so much of positive emotions, felt more freedom in my hand and got to know some watercolour secrets. ^_^

December 06, 2015

Portrait of Daria

This portrait I was ordered through Instagram (btw I'm @ve.rachana there). This young girl named Daria is good-looking and seems to know well how to do makeup.)) She was very happy with the outcome.

Paper, Konstruktor pencil (B), Erich Krause Megapolis mechanical pencil 0,5 mm (B), Koh-i-Noor kneadable art eraser.
September 2015

September 09, 2015

Portrait of Stasė

My ex. batchmate had her birthday recently, so, as I had some spare time, I decided to draw her portrait. Among my batchmates Stasė was a bright personality - vivid, laughing, loud, talkative, resilient. Also, she was the permanent group leader.)) Stasė is originally Lithuanian, so her long and sonorous surname was eminent among Russian ones - Ramanauskaitė.
I've got some fond memories of Stasė. Although she's moved to Moscow, she's found me on social network.

September 06, 2015

Then & Now

I've been going to compare old & new since time immemorial )) Now found a self-portrait made 16 years ago!