October 13, 2017

Creative Drawing Book "A Line is a Dot That Went for a Walk" by Jo Fernihough

An artist pondering over a new picture, an autodidact in a creative crisis, a tired clerk/housewife yearning for creativity, or a beginner who does not know where to start - this fascinating notebook is created for everyone. This is "A Line is a Dot That Went for a Walk" by Jo Fernihough.

Just let yourself go, don't think that now you need to create something extraordinary or "at least worthwhile". ;) Take pencils, pens, markers, whatever, and do interesting creative tasks as a whim takes you. In some tasks there are hints like:
  • "Scribbles turn into..."
  • "Finish elements so that..."
  • "Draw faces for these eyebrows"
and in some you are completely left on your own ("Create an ornamental pattern using..."). And you can relax, not giving yourself any estimates and not expecting them from others. :)

A big but light notebook with good white paper will:

  • literally endure everything;
  • give you some new ideas;
  • imperceptibly help you to understand yourself;
  • inspire you to further accomplishments.

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